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Thursday, August 27, 2009

English Seaglass

I love the seaglass that I've collected from my favorite local beaches, but I have fallen desparately in love with the English sea glass multies. For thousands of local seaglass I've collected, I could find maybe one piece with two colors in it, being a marble fragment or flash glass. But English seaglass multies have many colors in stripes, layers and swirls! And hard to find colors like red, yellow and purple in the same piece as well!

I used to sit on my hands whenever I saw the English seaglass auctions on ebay, telling myself one day I'll find something like that. But my yearning have become so intense I could bear no more. I striked out and won some. When I scoped my hands at the hard earned bounty, I never felt better! English seaglass is the best seaglass, I still can't get enough! But oh yes, seaglassing at the local beaches is still very enjoyable and I still find lots of good glass. Buying seaglass will never take away the fun of finding my own seaglass!