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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Red and Green as in Christmas!

I'm a proud member of the RecyclersGuildTeam on etsy and here's some suggestions from our shops for this festive season! Click away and enjoy!

'Red and Green LOVE in time for Christmas from the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team' by RetroChalet

Red and Green just in time for Christmas from the Etsy Recyclers Guild this team offers products made from recycled, upcycled, discarded goods, or thinks up greener ways to repurpose, reclaim, things. There are also vintage sellers and greenies with alternative products to mass produced items. Shop now "wastenot" tag http://www.etsy.com/search_results.php?search_query=wastenot&search_type=all Blog: etsyrecyclersguild.blogspot.com

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

10% Holiday Sale

Hi friends! Christmas sale is on again, 10% off everything in my shop at ecstasea.etsy.com! Sale lasts till after New Year's Day! Reward for return customers as well! New items are listed everyday, be sure to check back often!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Sale!

Coupon codes sound interesting and practical, I'm giving it a try in my shop. I sure hope it works better than etsyonsale, which has messed up the titles and prices of some listings! My apology for anyone who visited my shop just to find out I've prematurely ended all sales.

Well, the sale is still on! Try my brand new coupon code CYBERMON2010 for 10% off in my shop! Make the best use of it during the shopping season!

See ya at ecstasea!

Monday, November 22, 2010

My seaglass made book cover!

I'm so proud to tell everyone - my seaglass photo made the cover of Carole Lambert's latest book!

Right in the very begining, it was Carole's wonderful book 'Sea Glass Chronicles' that inspired me in seaglass collection and photography. Imagine how honored I am when she chosed my seaglass photo as the cover for her newest book! My wholehearted thanks to you, Carole!

The seaglass in the photo are blue green English multies laid on a background of chunky local (Hong Kong) white seaglass. The cover is just the beginning, this book is so intriguing and informative! Once you started reading, you just can't put it down until you devour everything, including the small prints!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hi friends! Due to some technical error, I have decided to end the Christmas Sale prematurely. It was started on Oct 16, and responses are great. My wholehearted thanks to everyone who has shopped at ecstasea during this period!
New listings are still being added everyday. Have a great time browsing!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn - the season to Fall in love!

Late summer and autumn are my favorite time of the year! Crispy cool morning air, sunny days that are no longer so hot, trees in fiery colors and all kinds of fruits for harvest!
I am equally amazed by the colors seaglass have to offer - when sorting my seaglass collection for fall jewelry, I realized there are more than 10 different shades for just green and brown! You may think little of these colors because they are the 'commonest'. Trees are green and brown yet beautiful and precious. I hope my jewelry are at least as beautiful as they are!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My latest jewelry designs of English Seaglass

Once again, I cannot help but dedicate another post about English seaglass. Their century old history brings nostalgia and awe to the beholder -who would have guessed that these leftovers thrown into the sea right from onshore glass factories could become something so beautiful and sought after!
I am in love with every piece of English seaglass jewelry that I have made, and never tired of looking at their photos! I have included my best ones here; some are sold, many are still available. Be mesmerized and hypnotized by their beauty...

Cornflower blue seaglass with swirls of bubbles - hallmark of handblown seaglass! Set with blue rhinestone dewdrop and sterling silver leaf bail. Apple for your eye!

Striped in green and amber, this sweet little gem is set with a sparkling rhinestone in one of its surface bubbles. I called it 'firefly'!

Exquisite English multies in blue and green - wear a piece of the ocean wherever you go!

Simplest design of sweet seaglass 'bubbles' in the palest shade of green.

Unique pattern and color, like footsteps in the snow...

Mustard gold English seaglass multi wrapped in gold filled wire, on antiqued brass chain - that ancient English look!

A sweet pure white 'egg' and a tiny sterling leaf - simply breath-taking!

I call them 'dalmatians' - but they are actually deep amethyst, dark green and deep blue on clear glass!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Seaglass Photography

A beach carnival of seaglass and seashells in bright red, orange, pink, yellow and purple!

Wedding white seaglass, seashells, corals and sanddollars arranged on lace!

Dream-like colors in English seaglass multies - send a card with this pic to get your friends hooked on collecting seaglass!

English red seaglass multies - dream of every seaglass enthusiast!

Typical of English seaglass multies, the mixture of blue, green and everything in between is magical!

Pool blue - a sea of blue English multies!

Opposite and Complimentary - super rare orange seaglass on a sea of cobalt blue.

Opposite and Complimentary - harmonious as black and white on a piano keyboard.

Opposite and Complimentary - what more need to say with a sea of hearts?

Seasons - Spring is here with pastel colored seaglass of all textures and shapes!

Seasons - Summer with the blazing sun and the blue blue sky!

Seasons - Winter. Snowball on my overcoat is actually English pure white seaglass!

Seasons - Autumn with its fiery colors!

In a frenzy of inspirations , beautiful images in my mind are put to reality with seaglass that I have aquired during years of beachcombing and tiredless online bidding! I have categorized them into 'seasons', 'opposite and complimentary' and 'English multicolors'. More are coming - I just can't work as fast!
These photos (in much sharper details) are available as blank greeting cards of 4x6 inches with white envelopes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Doors - A Time Portal

Born and brought up in the city, I am fascinated by anything old and rural. A recent visit to an island that has preserved its century-old way of life sparked my interest in traditional Chinese houses, front doors in particular. These doors are like a time portal, through which one travels back to a different culture, a different way of life!

The traditional Chinese houses almost always have their front doors facing south, and backdoors to the north. This has the wisdom of letting in the cooling south wind through the front doors in summer, while shutting out the freezing north wind from the backdoors in winter.

The Chinese pay much attention to symmetry and balance in everything, this is also reflected in their architecture. I can see that symmetry in doors that are opened in the middle, with hinges on both sides. Comparing to a single, bigger, heavier door, the action of pushing open two smaller doors is a much more balanced movement!
Decorating both sides of the traditional Chinese doorways are caligraphy 'duilian', blessing the occupants of the houses. These are sometimes made up and written by the heads of the families, exhibiting their wit and knowledge! These duilian, paired poetry or antithetical couplets are sophisticated and quite interesting - they are exactly matched in number and meaning of each character. Read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duilian
Symmetrical painting of guards from heaven are sometimes pasted onto each door, to protect the occupants from evil spirits. Doors are always painted red, which stands for justice, positive energy and luck.
These decorations are usually renewed yearly before Chinese New Year.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Okinawa is one of the loveliest places I've every visited! Being the southern-most island, it is the only place in Japan with near tropical weather. Coral covered seabed and beach-lined coast promise great snorkeling and all sorts of beach related activities. There is no high rise, busy traffic or crowds. What impressed me most is the people - gentle, curteous and very, very helpful! They won't hesitate to go the extra mile, helping a foreigner find her way around.

As souvenirs, I've brought back starry sand grains from their famous Kaiji beach; 'sand of love' or 'lucky sand' as they called it. I've kept these in miniature bottles with colored sand. I've brought back lots and lots of photos and happy memories. I've also brought back a few extra pounds from the good food and rest, LOL! All I'm giving back is goodwill and well-wishing to everyone in Okinawa! I miss you all!