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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Story Behind My Seaglass Calendar Photo for February

     Everything white and beautiful, collected one by one with love!  I still remember how each came into my possession.

 The heart shape coral in the center was collected from Okinawa when I visited three years ago. The beach was literally covered with sun-bleached seashells and coral in all sizes and shapes! The oval, fan-shape coral at the top right corner, the small white coral branch at the left lower corner, the clam shell at the right lower corner and the spiral just above it which was the worn-out center of a conch shell - all came from the same Japanese beach.
    Two mini seaglass bottles, a ceramic roller and a ceramic mug handle came from a local beach in Hong Kong. This beach has been a dump-site, and now my favorite place for seaglass hunting.
    Then there were the cut-glass stopper and the porcelain stopper, both given to me by a generous friend from the States. She also sent the tiny sand dollars that I've scattered at the top and lower right. Cute as buttons!
    Most of the seashells were collected locally, except for the Murex shell at the top center. I found it in East Malaysia, when I was still a toddler.
    Who could miss the perfect seaglass eggs, unmistakably English? These were the only ones I've bought - I just couldn't resist, knowing that nothing quite like them exists outside of the UK.

 And don't forget about the sand in the background! These I have collected right beneath the Egyptian pyramids. It was another interesting story, when I travelled the backpackers' way.
   So there you have it, goodies that came from all over the world and spanning a lifetime, gathered in harmony.