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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Seaglass Collectors

I have almost neglected my blog here since I joined the seaglasslovers community at ning.com. I am so at home amongst seaglass lovers and collectors all over the world, as much addicted to the hobby as I am. My beachcombing behavior is no longer odd: there are indeed thousands who beachcomb under more extreme conditions!
We show off our best finds and admire each other's collections, put in our two cents' worth in identifying odd beachcombed objects, exchange seaglass philosophy, and found strong bonding in our friendships.

Also a member of the seaglass collectors and seaglass artists, I have found great joy in viewing and admiring seaglass creations of many great artists. Posting my own creations there, I am overjoyed to received genuine approval and encouragement! Without the aggression or competition of a commercial site, here is a perfect place where artists gather and exchange ideas and skills.

Now, logging onto these sites has become one of the most important thing for me everyday!


I Choose2BHappy said...

Hi Ecstasea--
I love your work--and the beautiful photos! Nice to meet a fellow sea lover :)

Click here: Choose2BHappy

I Choose2BHappy said...

sorry--I'm still new to this. The link to my blog is:

And yes, all this electronic socializing is becoming addicting, for me too. I suppose there are worse things :)

Happy beachcombing! Your jewelry really is very beautiful!