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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coke Bottle Seaglass

It's so exciting to find well weathered seaglass that still has the characteristics to be identified as what it used to be! For that, I love coke bottles. Though the colors of coke bottle changed over decades from clear to seafoam with blue or greenish tinge, their ribbed surface are unmistakable. I've found a couple of ribbed pieces that I could put my finger on immediately, other well weathered pieces blew their cover as well because of that unique color!

Have a look through your stash again and watch out for it - anything looks familiar?


Linda said...

Beautiful glass pieces.

Linda B.

Deborah said...

Great photos of beautiful Coke Sea Glass. This color has an ethereal look about it, almost like you could swim into it like a mermaid. Best wishes to you and your work. Fair Winds and Calm Seas, Deborah Leon www.mermaidspurseseaglass.com