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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My latest jewelry designs of English Seaglass

Once again, I cannot help but dedicate another post about English seaglass. Their century old history brings nostalgia and awe to the beholder -who would have guessed that these leftovers thrown into the sea right from onshore glass factories could become something so beautiful and sought after!
I am in love with every piece of English seaglass jewelry that I have made, and never tired of looking at their photos! I have included my best ones here; some are sold, many are still available. Be mesmerized and hypnotized by their beauty...

Cornflower blue seaglass with swirls of bubbles - hallmark of handblown seaglass! Set with blue rhinestone dewdrop and sterling silver leaf bail. Apple for your eye!

Striped in green and amber, this sweet little gem is set with a sparkling rhinestone in one of its surface bubbles. I called it 'firefly'!

Exquisite English multies in blue and green - wear a piece of the ocean wherever you go!

Simplest design of sweet seaglass 'bubbles' in the palest shade of green.

Unique pattern and color, like footsteps in the snow...

Mustard gold English seaglass multi wrapped in gold filled wire, on antiqued brass chain - that ancient English look!

A sweet pure white 'egg' and a tiny sterling leaf - simply breath-taking!

I call them 'dalmatians' - but they are actually deep amethyst, dark green and deep blue on clear glass!


Manufacta said...

I love the sea (live in Sicily); your jewelry come from the sea, the sea has made them with you. It 's wonderful

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