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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Seaglass Cards and Coupon Code - new goods and good news :D

Hi everyone! I've been away for quite a while, shifting my time and interests temporarily to other issues. I'm back now, bringing new goods and good news :D

First, the 'new goods' are seaglass cards.
These are no ordinary seaglass cards - I have taken these photos as the sole featured photographer for the 2012 Seaglass Calendar, published by Down East Publishers. I now proudly present these beautiful, high definition photos as cards, individually or as set of four. Cards and blank and suitable for any occasion!

Check out my shop for the cards here:

Check out the seaglass calendar on amazon.com here:

Second, the 'good news' - coupon code especially for ecstasea.etsy!
If you followed this blog and liked my etsy shop, please let me show my appreciation by offering 10% off everything in ecstasea for you and all your friends! Just enter 'blogVIP' at checkout to claim your 10% discount! It's valid immediately with no time limit, so spread the news and try it out right away!

Happy shopping!

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