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Monday, January 21, 2013

The story behind my seaglass calendar photos

Reaching home tired from a full day's work, I am instantly cheered up when I saw what the postman left for me - a big parcel from Down East publishers! In the summer of 2011, I took photos of my seaglass collection for their 2013 seaglass calendar. These are my complimentary copies! As I look at the photos of each month, and savored every word of the informative captions by Carole Lambert, memories rushed back. How I worked hard to make these photos unique and interesting! In the coming monthly blog posts, I will tell the story behind the photo for that month.

English seaglass multies - these ones in whirls and layers of peacock shades - their rich colors and patterns are best appreciated when wet and under bright sunlight. I have experimented with glass vessels of different shapes until I found this shallow dish. Deep enough to immerse all the glass and just the right size without getting in the way of the peacock feathers behind it. It was a very sunny day. The seaglass casted colorful shadows, and the water made interesting patterns at the edge of the dish. The peacock feathers exerting their brilliant colors. A dynamic pose of still life!



ariadne said...

What a lovely photo!You should blog more often though as I have missed you!AriadnefromGreece!

Jason Murphy said...
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Jason Murphy said...

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hanizosk herner said...

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