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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The story behind my seaglass calendar photo for March

March is almost over now, I'll have to catch up with my post this month!
What does a bunch of turquoise gems, rusted key and coins on rotted wood make you think of? Pirate's loot and sea adventures! But that was not what I have in mind when these blue-green seaglass and pottery were selected to go with verdigris speckled beach coins and skeletal key.
One cloudy summer day. I took them to my favorite beach, and laid them on an old wooden log. I've had my eyes on that log for quite some time - dark brown, almost black and covered with holes, quietly rotting away - it's the perfect background for some bric-a-brac with history!
I found all these seaglass, sea pottery and lucky coins from different beachcombing visits, spanning many years. I just could not decide which is my favorite! The milk glass bottle tops are really unique; and I've never seen any other marble with turquoise cat's eye in pale green glass; those large, rounded turquoise gems are my dreams come true...and I'm so luck to have found that many beach coins, even though, except the US penny, all were corroded beyond recognition.
Yet I have to confess - there's one among the collection that was not a beach artefact - the skeletal key. I've bought this antique brass key at a flea market, painted it with verdigris patina and surprised myself with the result. Did I fooled you too?


Ariadne said...

A gorgeous photo, once again!AriadnefromGreece!

Unknown said...

Great Tina love my Calendars that you have sent me..Thank you so much :)

Loretta Davila said...

I love how the ridges from the rim of the bottle matches ridges from the key! Beautiful shot!