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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The story of August

Seaglass multies that looked like colorfully dressed people here, flocking towards a majestic castle in the distance! This picture of 'seaglass pilgrimage' was in my mind for weeks before it was finally put into reality. In crowded Hong Kong, it was never easy to find a deserted beach in the middle of summer - unless early in the morning. So I was there before sunrise. When I've finished making the sand castle setting up the seaglass, people just started arriving.
I sprayed the seaglass to make their colors more vivid. Then I lied flat on my stomach, assumed the crab's eye view, which I think is the best angle for capturing seaglass's beauty.
But things never went that smoothly! Though it was just morning, the sun was already fiery hot. The seaglass quickly dried up, their colors dulled. I got up, sprayed, went back to my spot on the ground just to discover some seaglass 'people' has been knocked down. I got up, helped the seaglass on their feet, sprayed and back to shooting. My routine for the next half hour was - get up, replace seaglass, spray, lie down, shoot. Finally there were so many people around, amused and wondered what this frentic woman was doing, taking up precious sun-tanning ground. I just had to leave. So I calmly gathered up my seaglass treasures and spray bottle, leaving the sand castle to the delighted kids.

On my way back, I met a crab. It was stunned by my huge presence, and played dead in its track. In slow motion, I knelt down, offered it my best piece of red and clicked away. A few moments later, it gathered up courage and scurried off. It was so sweet of him to pose especially for me!

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