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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The story of June

It's easy to understand the message of this photo - contrasting rainbow with a black and white rainy background - 'sadness will be over, there's always better days ahead'. This belief kept me going during some of the worst days of my life.
In the photo, there's four interwoven layers, each representing different moments I've experienced.  A rainbow of seaglass in the top layer,  a melancholic black & white photo in the middle layer, and a black mirror surface with reflections of trees in the bottom layer. The fourth layer - raindrops - interconnected all the other layers.
The B&W photo was taken on the way to visit my mother in the hospital, where I stayed 8 hours everyday for weeks. It was the coldest winter month, the snow and leafless trees made me feel even more lonely and helpless.
She didn't make it.
Months after, I was still overwhelmed with guilt, sadness and tears. I represented these emotions by the black mirror, shady branches and raindrops.
Seaglass. These priceless gems were once broken shards, polished by time and tide. I too will be stronger and better with every hardship I went through.


Loretta Davila said...

I just discovered your posts and was reading through them... Got to this after marveling how you not only work with my favorite sea glass (long story of longing for the sea...) but you photograph them also!! ❤️❤️❤️ But then, I get to this post... Beautiful picture, but your narrative... is.more beautiful.... Please don't feel guilty about your mom. I don't know details of course... I have had a rough relationship with my mom since childhood but love her passionately- she's my mom.... You stayed with her 8 hours a day for weeks! Your heart is in the right place my friend! Please forgive yourself for any wrongs you feel might have happened and send them away on that forgiving rainbow. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole forest turned brightly full of colors!! ((Hugs!!))

Sea Glass Jewelry - genuine beach collected treasures at Ecstasea said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and hugs, Loretta! Whenever I think of my mom now, it was all happy moments back when she was young and healthy. For that is how I want my children to remember me as well.