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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beach combing

I live in Hong Kong and my favorite beach-combing site for colorful sea glass is a beach on an out-lying island called Cheung Chau. The name meant 'long island' and it is dumbell shaped, with a sandy bar linking two islands. It is a fishing village a century ago, where boats from all over south East Asia stop by for repair, renew supplies and exchange goods. One end of this beach is still littered with very old sea glass of many different colors. Last week I found a tear-drop shaped vaseline sea glass, two pink chunky pieces and a big rounded piece of honey yellow! How I love this place.
I know sea glass hunters don't usually let others know where are their favorite sites for beach-combing but Hong Kong is different. No many people is interested in sea glass and I have the whole beach to myself! But the government is planning to clean up and develop the place for tourism and I worry that my treasure is the government's trash. The more people knowing about this place, the more sea glass would be collected and kept for good before they are forever gone!
So if you collect sea glass and will be stopping by Hong Kong, do drop by Cheung Chau Island and gather much as you can carry before they are all gone!

1 comment:

Kitty said...

Wow! that sounds beautiful! I wish I lived anywhere near Hong Kong, but if I do visit (my husband practices hung ga, so he wants to visit China soon) I will be sure to visit that wonderful-sounding dumbell shaped island! Thank you!