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Thursday, July 17, 2008

If you are coming to Hong Kong, don't miss Cheung Chau!

Victoria harbour waterfront in Central, Hong Kong Island. Ferry piers and ferry, high rise in background

After more than a fortnight of rainstorms and overcasted skies, there is finally sunny weather. Being a 'solar powered' person, I was overjoyed. Fully geared, I finished my work quickly and took the afternoon off to visit my favorite island.

Waterfront and boats in Cheung Chau Island. Stall selling dried sea food .

Paved street leading to the beach.

Stalls selling snacks Stalls selling swimming gears, beach in background

Just half an hour of ferry ride, the high rise and city smog gave way to village houses and salty smell of the sea. The transformation is amazing! Best of all, there is no cars here! Only bicycles!

Heading immediately for my favorite beach, I stopped occasionally at stalls that sell souvenirs, salted fish, snacks and swimming gears. A cat relaxing in the shade glanced at me, seemed to say 'Where did you come from? Slow down! Everyday's a holiday here!'

The pleasant sounds...washing waves, children playing and laughing, seagulls screaming...took away my weariness. How this wonderful place recharged and refreshed me in my every visit!

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