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Thursday, July 17, 2008

If you are coming to Hong Kong, don't miss Cheung Chau!

Waterfront in Central, Hong Kong Island. Ferry pier with your choice of fast ferry (30 mins) or slow ferry (45 mins). High rise in background.

After more than 2 weeks of rainstorms and overcasted skies, there is finally sunny weather. Being a solar powered person, I was immediately full of energy. I geared up, finished my work quickly, and took the afternoon off for a visit to my favorite island.

Just a half hour ferry ride, the high rise and city smog gave way to a village island and smells of the salty sea. What an amazing transformation! Best of all there is no cars here, only bicycles!

Hong Kong Island falling behind you...waterfront of Cheung Chau Island gaining on you...

Stepping off the ferry, I headed immediately for the beach. The streets are lined with stalls selling souvenirs, dried sea food, snacks and swmming gears. A cat relaxing in the shade ignored me, seemed to remind me 'Where did you come from? Slow down! Everyday is a holiday here!' So true!

Stall selling dried sea food Snack stalls lined street leading to the beach

Stalls selling swimming gears, beach in background Cat pretended that it hadn't seen me

Finally! The pleasant sounds of splashing waves, children's laughter and seagulls' screams washed away my weariness. How this wonderful place recharged and refreshed me in my every visit!


All About Witchcraft and Spells said...

Very nice blog! Beautiful pics! http://witches-corner.blogspot.com/

Walk in the Woods said...

Thank you for sharing these views with us all!

MindyG said...

I can't wait to visit!

jbb said...

Cheung Chau looks like a wonderful place for a seaglass hunter!

kim* said...

wiw u have never been to another country before. we did have an exchange student with us when i was younger. she was from hong kong

LoopDiLoops said...

Wow it looks beautiful there!