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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sea Glass Friends

Having my own shop at etsy hadn't just brought me business, but a chance to express myself artistically. Moreoever it brought me friends. Just like the old fashion pen pal, I found myself developing friendship with a wonderful lady and her daughter, far on the other side of the globe in North America.
She found me on etsy and started as a customer. We soon became friends because of our mutual love of the sea, beach and sea glass. We convo to and fro, sharing beach-combing experiences, happy memories and just about anything from life events to a recent walk on the beach! We exchanged gifts of sea glass, seashells and admired each other's handicrafts. We lead totally different lives, have different cultures and our time zones are 10 hours apart, but those were no barrier to us.
When I first joined etsy, I am just hoping to share my work and maybe sell a little, anxious that if my style were acceptable. Now I am truely grateful for all that I've gained from etsy!

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Kitty said...

That's so wonderful! I think that's one of the (if not the) best things about Etsy... everyone is so friendly and open and willing to really connect with PEOPLE instead of just buying and selling THINGS. I'm so glad you made a good friend on etsy... I feel like I have done the same, and it is a wonderful feeling!