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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seaglassing Pals

March 6 is a big day we've been yearning for more than 2 months!

Jen and Laura are my new seaglassing pals. I thought I'm the only seaglass collector in Hong Kong until Jen and I 'found' each other on the seaglasslovers site! Laura is new to seaglass, but after March 6, she will become addicted, I'm sure...!
I used to go beachcombing on my own, talking and exclaiming about nice finds all to myself. It feels so wonderful now that I can share my favorite island (Cheung Chau island) and my favorite hobby (collecting seaglass) with friends! Oh sure, they will be keeping pieces that I drool over, but the next tide will bring in more great pieces! Nothing is too precious to share!
After an exhausting 3 hours' snail-pace of bending and squatting at the beach, we badly needed some rest. Recharged with delicious snacks of frozen fruits and peach tea, we round up the day browsing the seaside souvenir shops. We have so many new ideas on crafts and jewelry! What a wonderful day!

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