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Monday, April 21, 2008

Black & White

A couple of days ago when I beachcombed in a new place, I noticed some flat beach stones, and tiny black pebbles. Then I found some white sea glass that never used to catch my eyes. Suddenly, something clicked and I was inspired to make a totally new series of black & white sea glass - beach pebble jewelry.

B&W is so versatile, goes well with almost every outfit. Infinite combinations are possible: bold shapes, delicate patterns, throw in some pearls and semiprecious stones too...

So far, I have made a pair of rings that shaped like eyes, a pair of amazingly well-matched earrings and a pair of black & white bracelets. Satisfied with my new creations, I still have a lot of ideas waiting to be put into reality. All I need is more time. And more sunny weather to take good pictures! Watch out for me on etsy!

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