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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Waiting for a sale *sign*

I haven' t got any sale in a week and I'm kinda put off. However I found encouraging comments by joining in the forum.
These are the questions I kept asking myself: Are my items too expensive? Or maybe not everyone believe that I use genuine sea glass? Maybe there are just too many sea glass jewelry to choose from? Than I just remind myself why I join etsy in the first place: to join in a community of artists and to display my creations. Making a sale matters more symbolically than financially. It is a symbol of acceptance which encourages my continual indulgence in artistic creations.
With these resolutions, off I go to work on my new designs...


New England Quilter said...

I just visited your shop! Your work is beautiful! I love to collect sea glass too :)

Cussin' Crafter said...

I agree, it can be tough when you haven't had a sale for a while and I'm right there with ya--a sale means more than just money to me too. Good luck and I'm sure you'll make a sale soon!